Good Furniture From Wood

The furniture and tables of today are made from different varieties of materials and it is not just the good old wood. Yes, with technology improving at a faster pace, there is a change even in the ancient styles and people prefer buying the latest furniture made from the modern and sophisticated materials like fiber, glass etc…

The major advantage that a person would enjoy from using the tables and dining chairs from such materials is the look, elegance and their light weight which is generally not the case with wooden furniture and fittings.

But wood has never lost its durability and quality to any of these materials and there is never a compromise. The others can never take the place of these wooden furniture because their durability, sturdiness etc are unmatched.

In the ancient times, all the furniture were made from wood and predominantly walnut, firewood, oak, mahogany were the common types that suited the furniture requirements. These are still in trend for their beauty, elegance, and durability. These were the preferred choices when came to a selection from a huge variety and hence the others were used rarely, only for some inside parts or hidden parts.

In the 1900`s these preferred choices were available in plenty but slowly they started becoming scarce and hence the preferences started taking a shift from this to what we have today like the ash, fir, pine etc and some inexpensive and very common woods for the hidden parts. Whatever and however it is, wood has not lost its charm and even today we have people who have adorned their houses with only wooden furniture.

There are a lot of benefits in using them.


They are very durable and promise to last for long without giving up which is certainly not the case with the dainty delicates of the present day. Wood is of course very expensive but it is worth making this one-time investment on them because they can live the lives of hundreds and hundreds of other materials and varieties.

The ones that we name as rare ones are now used only in the making of very few, selected pieces on demand since they are very expensive and non-affordable by all. Ok now that we know the role and significance of wood in furniture making, let`s now take a deeper look at the various types and varieties used in their making and their characteristics that make each and every piece a unique and worthy one for the expenditure on them.




White ash – this comes in the hardwood family and is known for its bending qualities. This is mainly used for bent furniture parts and bent woods that require maximum stability and strength and for not giving up very soon.

The rates for such a pieces of furniture is not very expensive but is moderate making it the best choice for all. Another advantage is the variety in their color combinations. They are available in different colors from white to ash to light brown and hence the customer is at freedom to pick and choose according to their tastes.

Basswood- this is a very popular name in the wooden furniture market but unfortunately a very rare and unknown name among the end-users.

Yes, basswood is one good option for furniture making and the major reason for their unfamiliarity is that they are not used as such but are used in combination with other wood types like mahogany and oak. They give a difference to the funriture by adding a tinge of different shades. They come in different colors, from white to light reddish to brown shades. They are known for the very less number of pores on them and for this, the cost for them is also not very expensive.

Cedar – this is a common and a known name in the Wood's family. This is a softwood type that is mainly used for closets and chests. The main benefit in using this wood in the making of furniture or tables is that they have a very different scent which distracts and repels insect attacks and hence protects the valuables from damages. It is for this reason that they are used for the hidden and very confidential parts.